In a NetSuite implementation, your service provider operates based on a clearly defined scope of work, with a set end time. Some training might be provided, but it’s up to the business to run updates and complete other maintenance, onboard new system users, and identify opportunities for additional integration and improvements.

However, many business owners turn to NetSuite in the first place because they are looking for a solution that scales up with their needs. There’s a promise here that how you use NetSuite will change over time as your business grows and its needs evolve. This is where a NetSuite Managed Services provider becomes a valuable solution for optimizing the ongoing value of your NetSuite investment.

What is included in NetSuite Managed Services?

NetSuite Managed Services provide consistent, reliable support for all types of businesses. These services will vary depending on users’ level of expertise and specific needs. NetSuite Managed Service agreements might include support for activities ranging from NetSuite administration to accounting to warehouse management.

Packages typically range from occasional ad-hoc support to full-time expertise that supports your company’s growth.

The difference between SaaS and Managed Services

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a service category that refers to the use of a cloud-based licensed software product. While SaaS providers might be able to help with questions, their focus will be on the software rather than your processes.

While NetSuite managed services are also a recurring use, this service category provides hands-on support in response to specific business needs. They are focused on helping you maximize the efficiency of the software that you’re using. In fact, many SaaS providers use a NetSuite managed services provider to streamline their operations.


How a NetSuite Managed Services provider adds value

While the support companies gain will vary based on their specific needs, you can expect a few clear benefits from a NetSuite Managed Services provider.

Immediate support

If there is a breakdown in processes that requires immediate attention, you can trust that a NetSuite Managed Services provider will have allocated resources to ensure a rapid response. The commitment to a set amount of support each month ensures that you have the backing of high-quality resources, expert knowledge, and a responsive partner ready to help when you need it.

Tremendous cost savings

The average pay for a full-time NetSuite administrator is $92,000 a year, without the added cost of benefits and hiring. But here’s the rub: it would take a roomful of new hires to secure the niche expertise that a NetSuite Managed Services team can provide, as these service providers pair your needs with specialized experts to address them.

With the improved NetSuite implementation you get from this expert knowledge, your business can gain levels of efficiency that help you save in the long run.

Deep bench knowledge.

NetSuite affords organizations a huge depth of resources, with countless integrations that span many industries. Managed services provide the expertise needed to identify and optimize the solutions that best meet your needs.

Need a CPA who can advise on accounting best practices? A warehouse management consultant with extensive industry experience? An expert in revenue recognition to ensure ASC 606 compliance? Basic NetSuite administration? Managed Services can provide that.

Clean, organized data.

Your NetSuite Managed Services team is contracted to provide a set amount of support each month. So what happens when you have a month without a laundry list of problems to solve? This is time that can be spent on maintenance and cleaning data to ensure current records, streamlined processes, and efficient workflows.

Efficiency improvements.

NetSuite Managed Service contracts typically come with weekly or biweekly touchpoint meetings to address new needs. Organizations get a dedicated resource who, over time, will gain tremendous insight into how you operate. The longer these contracts last, the better your contact will become at suggesting improvements or integrations and the greater efficiency you’ll gain over time.

Regular training.

If you’re growing, there’s a good chance you’re onboarding new people. NetSuite Managed Service providers can offer the training needed to bring team members up to speed on processes and changes.

Signs you may benefit from NetSuite Managed Services

Businesses decide to invest in NetSuite for a range of reasons, including the need to prevent delayed financial closings, unreliable reporting, supply chain errors, and the desire to support business expansion. If NetSuite will play a key role in supporting these critical business functions, then you want to ensure that it’s operating at peak performance. Managed services ensure that you’re getting the most out of your solution and seeing the value you expect.

The truth is, any growing business can benefit from NetSuite Managed Services, but not all service providers offer the same value. Here at 360 Cloud Solutions, we provide decades of experience in helping fast-growing companies leverage NetSuite to its full potential.

If you’re ready to maximize what NetSuite can do for you, check out our NetSuite Managed Services packages or contact 360 Cloud Solutions with questions.