While technology has given businesses the ability to streamline processes and achieve tremendous growth, it has also made way for a new set of supply chain challenges—global competition, increasing consumer expectations (thanks, Amazon), and keeping up with demand.

Agile, integrated, and streamlined supply chains are the key to success, and to achieve this, businesses need to have the right technology and processes in place. Without it, organizations often find themselves struggling with a major disconnect between data and decision making. From this comes a lack of visibility into critical things like inventory profitability, stock levels, vendor performance, and costs, which will work against any company trying to compete in today’s global marketplace.

Ready to see how technology can work for your supply chain management goals, and not against? Get NetSuite.

Modernize and optimize supply chain operations with NetSuite

Supply chain automation with NetSuite gives you real-time visibility into the metrics you care about, enables better customer service through optimized delivery plans and reduced lead times, and provides insight to control and reduce costs.

Real-time Monitoring

Get a real-time overview of your inventory, demand, and supply across your entire global supply chain with NetSuite’s Supply Chain Control Tower. Easily identify future issues and drill-down into transactions for further analysis or action.

Anticipate Demand

NetSuite’s Demand Planning module offers several ways to calculate and predict demand based on historical demand, open opportunities and/or manually entered or imported sales forecasts.

Seamless Partner Collaboration

Provide portal access to your supply chain partners to view and update order or product information. Need more functionality? NetSuite can be configured to integrate systems through web services or RESTlet APIs.

Easy Purchase Order Management

Creating and managing vendors, purchase orders, receipts and all other relevant transactions is one of the simplest, yet comprehensive aspects of the system. Order generation, approval workflows, and vendor tracking will keep things moving.

A 5-star supply of NetSuite experts

Don’t lose your competitive edge to supply chain mishaps. 360 Cloud Solutions is a team of NetSuite-certified experts—with more than 125 years of combined experience and 400+ successful implementations—who can help get your supply chain running like a well-oiled machine.


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