Integrate AvidXchange with NetSuite

AvidXchange represents a cutting-edge Accounts Payable (AP) and Payment automation solution, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the NetSuite platform. Its primary mission is to empower organizations by eradicating the inefficiencies associated with traditional, paper-based processes.

With AvidXchange, businesses can transition away from time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry and paperwork. The solution offers a comprehensive toolkit for automating AP processes, transforming them into efficient, digital workflows. This digital transformation results in a significant reduction in manual labor, data entry errors, and the costs traditionally associated with paper-based processes.


AvidXchange NetSuite Integration

Why we love
AvidXchange + Netsuite

Goodbye, Paper

Eliminate paper from your AP process (and the errors that come alone with manual data entry) with pre-coded, electronic invoices directly in NetSuite.

Pay Your Way

Pay suppliers right from NetSuite any way—check, virtual card, ACH, and more—any time, and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Control & Visibility

AvidXchange gives you a complete audit trail from PO to payment and provides on-demand insight into invoice status, performance, and financials in NetSuite.

See how AvidXchange and
NetSuite work together

One of the standout features of AvidXchange is its ability to facilitate effortless bill payments. Organizations can access a wide range of payment options directly within the NetSuite environment. Whether it’s through checks, virtual cards, ACH transfers, or other methods, businesses have the flexibility to choose the payment method that suits their needs best. This not only simplifies the payment process but also makes it more convenient, saving valuable time and resources.

By implementing AvidXchange in conjunction with NetSuite, organizations can also enhance their control and visibility over their financial processes. The solution provides a complete audit trail from the initial purchase order (PO) to the final payment, ensuring transparency and compliance throughout the entire financial workflow. Real-time insights into invoice status, performance metrics, and financial data within NetSuite further empower organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their financial management processes.

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