Integrate B2BGateway with NetSuite

Elevate the Performance of Your Supply Chain with B2B Gateway—an All-Inclusive EDI Solution Tailored for NetSuite. Say goodbye to the time-consuming, error-prone process of manual data entry when communicating electronically with your trading partners.



B2B Gateway is a comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution, seamlessly integrated with NetSuite to revolutionize how you manage your supply chain communications. By eliminating the need for manual data re-entry, it dramatically enhances the efficiency of your operations.

This advanced system automates the exchange of electronic documents with your trading partners, ensuring that data flows smoothly and accurately. No longer do you need to worry about the pitfalls of re-keying data, such as transcription errors, delays, and compliance issues.

Why we love
B2BGateway + Netsuite

Gone Global

Meets international EDI file standards including ASC-X12, EDIFACT, Eancom, Tradacoms, PEPPOL, oioUBL, Odette, and more.

Automatic Updates

Fully-automated inbound and outbound transmissions reduce labor requirements and speed up the order-to-payment cycle.

High Standards

B2BGateway is a GS1-accredited EDI solution and is compliant with all trading partner requirements and regulations.

See how B2BGateway and
NetSuite work together

With B2B Gateway, you’ll experience a supply chain communication process that is not only faster but also much more precise. This streamlining of operations leads to cost savings, enhanced accuracy, and increased competitiveness in your industry.

In essence, B2B Gateway is your key to transforming supply chain communications into a seamless, error-free, and highly efficient operation. Experience the benefits of modern technology and automation, and elevate your business to new heights within the competitive landscape of today’s global markets.

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