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Co-term Subscriptions

Expanding product or service offerings allows a company to enter new markets, stay competitive, and keep customers loyal and engaged. And while multiple revenue streams can be advantageous for the bottom line, it can quickly complicate billing for both the business and its customers.

Familiarity, convenience, and trust are some of the biggest reasons customers will remain loyal to a brand. And with the cost of acquiring a new customer being about 5 times more expensive than retaining one, it’s more important than ever to cater to your existing customer base. Offering a variety of complementary products or services is a great way to keep your customers coming back, but can introduce billing obstacles for companies with subscription models. Without co-termed contracts, both the business and its customers will find themselves overwhelmed with multiple invoices and renewals for each individual subscription—costing a business time and money, and providing a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Make it easier for you and your customers to manage multiple contracts directly in NetSuite with 360 Subscription Billing.

Consolidate contracts and simplify subscriptions with 360 Subscription Billing

Renewals and contract changes have never been easier than with 360 Subscription Billing. This Built for NetSuite Native SuiteApp helps to increase retention, sustain revenue, and reduce manual administrative labor.

Flexible Billing Terms

Your customer’s wish is your command with flexible contract start dates, billing dates, and end dates. For easier back-end management, 360 Subscription Billing also allows you to co-term subscription bill and end dates.

Easy Renewals

Increase retention, sustain revenue, and reduce manual administrative labor. Your Sales & Account Management teams can proactively seek approval for additional contract terms to avoid billing interruptions.

Easy Subscription Changes

Whether it’s a temporary price adjustment or an ongoing change like an upsell or downsell, automated billing proration frees your team from making manual adjustments.

Automated Communications

Keep your customers in the know. Designate which contacts should receive recurring invoices and notifications via email and 360 Subscription Billing does the rest!

Subscription and contract co-terming made easy

360 Cloud Solutions has been a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider since 2002. With a deep understanding of how customers leverage NetSuite to grow their subscription businesses, we created 360 Subscription Billing—one of the few “Built for NetSuite” Native SuiteApps for automating and simplifying recurring and subscription billing.


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