Mobilize SPS Commerce with NetSuite

SPS Commerce Fulfillment stands as a versatile and efficient solution tailored to simplify your compliance with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements of your trading partners. This comprehensive EDI platform offers a swift and straightforward process to establish connections and meet the stringent compliance standards of all your trading partners.

The hallmark of SPS Commerce Fulfillment is its full-service approach to EDI. It provides a one-stop solution for all your EDI needs, ensuring a seamless integration within the NetSuite environment. This integration is pivotal in streamlining and automating various aspects of your supply chain and order management processes, leading to substantial gains in both speed and accuracy.

SPS Commerce NetSuite Integration

One of the standout features is the automation of sales order creation, eliminating the need for manual entry and associated errors. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures precision in order processing. Furthermore, the system seamlessly handles order acknowledgments, ensuring that your trading partners receive timely confirmations, enhancing trust and reliability in your transactions.

Additionally, the platform excels in managing ship notices, ensuring that shipping information is transmitted promptly and accurately. This level of automation enhances the overall efficiency of your order fulfillment process and minimizes the potential for errors that can result in costly delays and misunderstandings.

Why we love
SPS Commerce + Netsuite

3PL Ready

Pre-built 3PL integration further streamlines fulfillment by enabling users to send sales orders electronically as well as receive electronic ship notices back into NetSuite— including tracking information.

Massive Trading Network

With SPS Commerce, you’ll have EDI connectivity with more than 80,000 trading partners including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Shopify, Costco, and more.

Built for NetSuite

SPS Commerce is a Built for NetSuite Integrated SuiteApp that allows you to create sales orders and send POs, invoices, and other electronic documents directly within NetSuite.

See how SPS Commerce and
NetSuite work together

SPS Commerce Fulfillment within NetSuite offers an all-encompassing solution to swiftly establish compliance with your trading partners’ EDI requirements. It streamlines your supply chain and order management, empowering your business with the benefits of speed and accuracy through automation, ultimately improving your competitive edge in the market.

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