The 2022 Fall Summit, held in August at the Raleigh, N.C., Xperience Center, was more than another opportunity for 360 Cloud Solutions to provide training and guidance around the latest batch of NetSuite features. It was also a celebration of 360’s 20 years in providing this guidance as a NetSuite Channel Partner.

360 Cloud Solutions has been supporting customers with their NetSuite implementations since the software’s early days. In fact, during the 2022 Fall Summit 360 CEO Rufus Lohmueller recalled receiving a postcard in the mail from a company called NetLedger, inviting him and 360 president Judy Lohmueller to meet and learn more about a potential NetSuite partner program.

That early introduction to NetSuite was exciting, Lohmueller shared at the 2022 Fall Summit. “No more servers to worry about, no more databases to have to patch or upgrade, no more having to go around to 20 different computers on a network to upgrade. I thought, ‘this is exactly what the small and midsize business market space needs,’” he said.

That event 20 years ago led 360 Cloud Solutions to become the third-ever NetSuite Partner. Since then, 360 has been a part of NetSuite’s journey from pioneering software-as-a-service solution to leading ERP financial system. Now, 360 is hosting its own training and insight events with the intention of driving similarly groundbreaking changes for businesses of all sizes and every level of growth.

A history of strong partnership

Consultants who have evolved alongside NetSuite are rare. While experience may not count for everything, these decades of expertise do provide a deep level of insight into both how and why NetSuite functions in certain ways. The knowledge 360 Cloud Solutions has amassed as a NetSuite Channel Partner over the last 20 years has helped us become a strong player in the NetSuite ecosystem.

Perhaps the biggest lesson learned in this time is around the importance of strong partnerships. This goes simply beyond our partnership with NetSuite. Over 20 years, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of having strong integrations that support the seamless flow of data from NetSuite into other business systems. We are better able to advise on these integrations and related solutions when we have built up trusted partnerships with these providers. This trust was on display at the recent Fall Summit, where our partners Avalara, RF-Smart, Tipalti, and Versapay joined us to provide insight into how their automation solutions can support NetSuite users’ nuanced needs.

However, we’ve found that the most critical partnership in driving a successful NetSuite implementation is with our customers. NetSuite is intended to drive a transformation of business operations, and this level of change can be difficult to navigate. In our 20 years of practice, we’ve learned that partnering with clients to understand their operations, specific challenges, and needed level of support provides a more successful NetSuite launch and lasting impact.


The go-to destination for NetSuite events

360 has long hosted events in the fall and spring in conjunction with NetSuite’s new feature releases. Helping NetSuite users navigate these regular updates to reap the full benefit of these changes is a key part of how we support our clients. This year, however, marked a change in how we deliver this support.

From our earliest days as a NetSuite channel partner, the 360 leadership team has envisioned a space where we could meet with customers to map out processes, walk through day-in-the-life NetSuite demos, and offer training on specific modules. That space is now available. The 360 Xperience Center in Raleigh is a one-of-a-kind facility that connects NetSuite users from across the country.

This customer-centric facility features in-person event space and dedicated Zoom rooms, ensuring we can connect with NetSuite users in their preferred venue. Our goal is to make it easy for business professionals to build up NetSuite skill sets and capabilities in a comfortable, collaborative space. Existing NetSuite customers who are looking for training can rely on 360 for customized, in-depth classes and development that will help them increase productivity, reduce costs, and streamline operations. The Xperience Center also provides a place where curious prospects can learn more about how NetSuite can solve their organization’s unique challenges– or gain hands-on experience under the guidance of our certified consultants and sales engineers.

Our goal has always been to offer solutions tailored to meet our customers’ needs. We believe our new event center achieves this, which is why we’ve set our eye on a new goal: ensuring that Raleigh, N.C., remains the premier destination for NetSuite training, events, and networking.

We invite you to check out the upcoming NetSuite events at the Xperience Center, and hope to see you there soon. Or, contact us anytime with questions about how we can help you with your NetSuite implementation.