While finance professionals aren’t expected to predict the future, they must be adept at foreseeing and preparing for it. In today’s fast-paced business environment, agility and proactivity are paramount, yet time remains a precious commodity.

Finance teams require accurate, real-time data to effectively analyze, comprehend, and capitalize on the risks and opportunities that impact their organizations. Scenario planning is the key to achieving this. However, in the realm of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), professionals often find themselves lacking the time and advanced technology needed to focus on strategic matters. In fact, a study published in The Journal of Accountancy disclosed that a staggering 75% of accounting and finance professionals’ time is consumed by the collection, manipulation, and review of data.

But the introduction of cloud-based FP&A changes this narrative. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting emerges as the game-changer, equipping your team with the information and tools required to conquer any scenario with confidence.

What if…scenario planning was easy? Now it is.

Make the most of your valuable time by reducing the hours spent on the laborious task of gathering and refining financial data. Instead, channel your efforts into crafting comprehensive plans for a multitude of scenarios. Our cloud-based Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) solution is designed with scalability in mind, offering a dynamic platform for your financial endeavors. With this innovative solution, you can elevate your decision-making capabilities, ensuring that every choice you make is well-informed and backed by data. We provide you with a suite of user-friendly, integrated FP&A tools that are not only quick but also seamlessly adapt to your specific needs. Experience a transformation in the way you approach financial planning, giving you the edge you need in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Plan for the Best (or Worst)

Plan for everything with cloud based FP&A. Make smarter business decisions with real-time driver-based, bull & bear, rolling forecast, or situational scenarios.

Greater Insights through Collaboration

Cloud based FP&A enables inter-departmental collaboration—effectively replacing silos and disjointed processes with a real-time, holistic view of the business.

Drill-down Capabilities

Seamless integration into other business management platforms allows you to measure and plan for operational metrics such as conversions, quotas, productivity, etc.

Single Source of Truth

A user-friendly integration platform enables a seamless flow of data from your accounting system—giving you visibility into real-time actuals and variances.

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360 Cloud Solutions has more than 80 years’ experience with FP&A solutions and has helped countless companies achieve modern, accurate, and integrated financial planning and budgeting processes.

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