Inadequate (or inaccurate) data, lack of knowledge or accountability among departments, and disjointed and burdensome processes are all major contributors to weak revenue forecasts. Sound familiar?

While a business’s success isn’t measured on revenue alone, it is an important factor. Revenue largely impacts a company’s overall strategy and operating decisions such as new hires, product launches, and technology investments—making accurate revenue forecasting critical to growth. But due to siloed data, differing processes, and changes in revenue recognition over time, there are often large variances between forecasts and actuals with only 1% of companies achieving 90% accuracy or greater 30 days out.

But what if you could drive more revenue by having a better, more integrated revenue forecasting process? With our FP&A solutions, you can.

Accurate & integrated revenue forecasting

Imagine a world where sales and finance could collaborate on centralized revenue forecasts and sales plans. It’s here. With cloud-based FP&A, revenue forecasting has never been easier—or as accurate. The leading cloud-based CPM and BI suite has real-time dashboards that give your organization the insight it needs to optimize operations and grow revenue streams.

Foster Company-Wide Collaboration

Revenue forecasting is faster and more accurate than ever before. You’ll have a real-time, holistic view into forecasts and performance, as well as the ability to monitor performance and the impact on cash flow and balance sheets.

Accurate Revenue Recognition

Apply revenue recognition rules to one-time and recurring bookings streams to better understand when adjustments are needed in order to keep pace with your revenue plan and to see real-time outcomes of strategic revenue decisions.

Real-time Sales Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into sales planning, staffing, and quotas. Interactive dashboards and reports compare actuals to forecasts and plans and provide the ability to drill down into the details.

Critical Insights, Faster

With data flowing automatically from existing business systems like ERP, CRM, HCM and more, you can be sure your plans, models, forecasts, dashboards, and reports are up-to-date and accurate.

Forecast for growth with a leading FP&A team

Sound too good to be true? Not so fast. 360 Cloud Solutions has more than 80 years experience with FP&A solutions, and have helped countless companies achieve accurate and integrated revenue forecasting capabilities.

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