As technology advances, businesses get access to more data than ever thought possible. But aggregating data from disparate systems, verifying its accuracy, and turning it into actionable metrics are some of the biggest reporting challenges facing finance professionals today.

While income statements, ratios, and industry benchmarks were once the way to evaluate performance, KPIs—financial and non-financial values that tell a company how well it’s doing what it does—have recently taken the business world by storm. When done right, KPIs help a company plan, monitor, and adapt to critical business drivers in real time. But according to Adaptive Insights’ CFO Indicator report, less than 20% of finance teams have an automated reporting process despite the pressure to “deliver high-quality insights faster and more frequently.” Without the right technology, slicing and dicing that data in a way that makes sense for your business can be challenging and time-consuming.

No longer. Adaptive Insights makes it easy to improve business performance through robust reporting tools.

Easy, powerful, and fast insight with Adaptive Insights

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud enables you to personalize, analyze, and share the KPIs and metrics that matter most to your business through robust dashboards, charts, and visualizations. It’s the only business intelligence tool you’ll need.

Seamlessly Analyze, Plan, and Model

With integrated planning and analytics tools, Adaptive Insights lets you pivot from analyzing business performance to re-planning and re-forecasting for optimal results.

Single Source of Truth

No more compiling random reports and second-guessing their accuracy. Adaptive Insights automatically combines data from your source systems giving you peace of mind your data is right.

Knowledge At-a-Glance

From managers to executives, real-time data visualizations make understanding and analyzing business performance, identifying root causes, and course-correcting easier than ever.

Empowering Success

Adaptive Insights’ integrated and easy platform provides greater visibility into business performance, more confidence in the numbers, and increased accountability throughout the organization.

The benefits are easy to see

360 Cloud Solutions has more than 50 years’ experience with Adaptive Insights and other FP&A solutions and has helped countless companies achieve modern, accurate, and integrated financial and non-financial metric reporting.


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