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Let’s face it: Workday Adaptive Planning is too large of an investment to not use the right way. If you don’t feel like it’s adding value to your organization, we can help you fix that.

360 Cloud Solutions is our name; Workday Adaptive Planning is our game. If you’re looking for Workday Adaptive Planning training, who’s more fit for the job than our team of senior-level consultants with more than 100 implementations under their belt, more than 40 years of combined experience in the tool, and who has been a Workday partner since 2006? We are a team of Workday Adaptive Planning evangelists whose goal is to give users the know-how and confidence to not just meet but exceed business goals. (That’s just one of the reasons why we were awarded the Customer Excellence Partner of the Year Award – Americas for FY20 by Workday.)

Our user-friendly training and documentation allow our clients to walk away with the confidence that Workday Adaptive Planning will be leveraged to meet (and exceed!) business goals.


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Workday Adaptive Planning training

Admin Training

How to maintain the core system structure (GL Accounts, Org Structure, and Dimensions), work with and create new versions for forecasts and budgets, and maintain sheets and user accounts.

End-User Training

Teaches new users the system basics such as navigation, methods for data entry, basic formulas, and general system usage for budgeting and forecasting.

OfficeConnect Reports

Learn how to create ad-hoc Excel-based reports that are directly tied to your Adaptive database, convert existing financial report packages to OfficeConnect, and general tips and tricks.


Create data visualizations utilizing data from your actual, budget, and forecast data for metrics and analytics, and learn best practices around report usage.

HTML Reports

We’ll show you how to use the drag-and-drop reporting tool to create both ad-hoc and formal reports to assist in the analysis of actual, budget, and forecast data.


Integrate external sources into Workday Adaptive Planning (ERPs, data warehouses, Excel, etc.) with ETL, as well as create and maintain Data Sources, Data Loaders, and Integration Tasks.

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360 Cloud Solutions is a premier consulting firm that helps companies grow through the strategic and expert implementation of cloud-based FP&A, business management, and subscription billing software. Our senior-level FP&A team has over 40 years of combined experience with Workday Adaptive Planning (nearly double that in the financial planning and budgeting space) and was awarded the Customer Excellence Partner of the Year Award – Americas for FY20. With expertise in the software, IT, media, communications, healthcare, and real estate industries, 360 Cloud Solutions is a key partner in solving financial planning complexities.

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