Project planning software helps businesses more accurately plan, track, and execute projects through increased visibility and streamlined processes. Not all project planning software platforms are created equal so it is key to know what functionality your business needs. Greater functionality through fully-integrated solutions provide deeper insight and efficiency into business processes. Let’s review what to look for and how to choose the best project planning software for your business.

Project, Resource, and Expense Management

Project, resource, and expense management tools encourage and enable collaboration on projects between team members. To properly manage internal resources, tools like these should be cloud-based so all team members can see, monitor, and manage them from anywhere. Greater visibility and control means issues can be resolved proactively and project timelines can become more cost-effective.

Project Accouting & Billing

The ability to support resources effectively means maximizing profitability and better strategic direction. To ensure accurate accounting throughout projects, accounting and billing should be integrated into your project planning software. Activities can enhance accurate data for project lifestyles and streamlines reporting for future planning.


Visibility into analytics allows project managers to monitor, report, and analyze their projects in real-time. Personalized reports for designated roles allow managers to divert more attention to more successful projects and less to questionable or unsuccessful projects. Knowing what will make your business more efficient will enable strengths to be utilized to enhance growth.

Client Management

Having access to readily-available, critical customer data from anywhere can lower service costs and increase customer satisfaction. A 360-degree view into the customer improves sales performance and opportunities for upsells and commissions.



Figuring out how to choose the best project planning software can be overwhelming, but few systems have all of the functionality listed above. NetSuite’s project planning software is a fully-integrated suite that helps businesses improve visibility, project profitability, and overall operational effectiveness. Further, NetSuite increases the availability and utilization of resources by up to 50% and gives businesses the unique ability to look into the future and make data-decisions. This visibility presents the opportunity to focus more on business development and less on backend processes.

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