There are several reasons why many of today’s CIOs are clamoring for a cloud-based ERP platform. Often times, the CIO is the only one who can see the extent of how much a software refresh would benefit the organization. Not only does the CIO and the IT team have to respond to the company’s software complications, but it also falls on them to align and integrate various applications, which can be quite cumbersome—especially for larger, more complex businesses. Here are some of the top reasons CIOs are begging for cloud-based ERP systems.

Integrated Applications and Accurate Reporting

Cloud-based ERP systems give organizations the freedom to integrate various processes into one application—CRM, e-commerce, accounting & financials, and more. By using one platform, the company’s information and records will update in real-time across all integrated applications. This allows upper management ability to generate timely reports and customize dashboards to give them the KPI’s they want to see.

Gain Market Share And Streamline Resources

The modern CIO wears many different hats. While CIOs can effectively manage their teams, they know that an integrated cloud-based platform like NetSuite can drastically decrease the amount of manpower needed. When it comes to improving business processes, NetSuite accelerates decision making while eliminating the need for so many resources. The combination of a strategic implementation plus modern technology will ensure that your solution can keep up with processes without extra resources, expanding your ROI.

From a CTO’s perspective, they won’t have a dark cloud looming over their head for relying on IT resources for tasks like financial reporting, order management, and financial planning. A cloud-based ERP solution consolidates these resources into one platform, which reduces overhead.

Instant Scalability

CIOs can see when their software is not keeping up with the company’s rapid growth. Cloud ERP tools are changing the way that CIOs do their job. Because of the flexibility and power that comes with a cloud-based ERP system, many CIOs are in dire need of getting these systems set up within their organization so that they can react more quickly to technological advances and make smarter decisions for the future.



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