With Release 2016.2, NetSuite has increased flexibility and accessibility to the #1 cloud-based business platform. Improvements have been made to create greater efficiency across each and every industry NetSuite supports. There are features created with unique business processes in mind, which will help businesses reach their goals faster than before.

Highlights of NetSuite Release 2016.2

Increased Supply Chain Flexibility and Control

  • Ship and receive against transfer order when using item cost at transfer price.
  • Reduce data entry errors for cost accountants and inventory cost properly on accounting books.
  • Increased control, flexibility, and productivity while managing on-hand inventory.
  • Schedule the commitment of inventory against more attributes, get more time to handle exceptions, and reduce manual processes.

Supply Chain Management

  • Automatically apply landed cost, discover the true cost of a product, and get insight into financial performance.

Avoid Stock-Outs with Efficient Inventory Replenishment

  • Replenish inventory with transfer order, intercompany transfer order, and withdrawals.
  • Maximize efficiency and reduce costs, optimize inventory replenishment, and meet expected service levels for demand fulfillment.

Simplify and Speed Up Financial Close

  • Reopen old periods and make changes, complete several closing tasks with one click, and close all periods in one batch.

Unlock Value of Global Businesses with a Flexible Statutory COA

  • Additional flexibility when setting up statutory Chart of Accounts.
  • Create second ledgers, and sub-accounts within group legal entities for individual countries, and meet local GAAP reporting requirements.

Intelligent DNB Integration SuiteApp

  • Master view of D&B data, power profitability via instant screening of customers with higher credit quality, and prevent unexpected losses and disruption to business operations.

NetSuite Mobile

  • More Control and Flexibility with End to End Mobile Approvals Management
  • Approve expense reports and purchase orders, my approvals portlet, drill down from list pending approval or individual notifications, optimized user experience for reviewing expenses/receipts and purchases.

Dashboard SuiteApps Personalize the Suite/Dashboard Experience

  • Easy discovery of installed SuiteApps, one click/drag-and-drop to add.
  • Convenient SuiteApp ‘Entry Point’ – Key summary metrics, simple actions, and quick navigation.
  • Easy for developers to Create – Includes a custom portlet SuiteScript 2.0, Set as Dashboard SuiteApp on Script Deployment, and upload an app icon

Dashboard Reminders Enhancement with Headline Reminders

  • Display key reminders prominently, larger at the top.
  • With Reminder Highlighting reminders can be color-coded, contain multiple thresholds per reminder, and are user configurable.
  • Newly redesigned reminder set up screens makes setting custom reminders even easier.

Improved Accessibility and Control of Custom Fields and Custom Segments

  • Take control of your merchandising hierarchy with custom fields and item options that can be applied to individual items or optionally cascade custom fields to child items.
  • Improved UI navigation to custom segments are now placed as a classification for easier navigation.

Software Development Lifecycle SuiteCloud Development Framework

  • New foundations for a more structured development process
  • Decouples development process from your NetSuite account and enables better use of developer account environments.
  • Address software life cycle management needs from team development, to change management, and version control.
  • More robust deployment experience with on-demand validation of projects against target accounts, dependency management, and richer logs and audit trails.


  • Invoice subscription customers, manage subscriptions and use transaction or usage-based rate models.
  • Revenue Arrangements ensure correct revenue recognition for your business.
  • NOTE: Only available to certain NetSuite early adopters.