You’ve heard of financial planning and maybe the Adaptive Insights solution. We’re sure all finance executives can agree with the statement that accurate financial planning is hard if you don’t have the software in-place to help you. There for, your business would use NetSuite Financial Planning or Adaptive Insights to eliminate manual processes and automate the information gathering to create insightful data for future forecasts and planning. Adaptive Insights is currently being used by leading companies like Coca-Cola, DHL, DocuSign and more.

What’s the difference between Adaptive Insights and NetSuite Financial Planning?

Users can deploy Adaptive Insights with or without NetSuite. If used on it’s own, the solution is known as Adaptive Insights. When integrated with NetSuite, the solution is known as NetSuite Financial Planning. The integrated solution is a NetSuite Certified integration and enables all the functionality of Adaptive Insights, yet it is also accessible right from your NetSuite Dashboard.

There are many choices when it comes to financial planning software. What to choose?

NetSuite Financial Planning or Adaptive Insights links strategy, planning, and execution in a seamless, one platform solution. When financial planning software is deployed, there is a reduction in cycle times and communication and accountability is improved. This creates deeper analysis and insight into future resources. A financial planning system is a Controller’s or Finance Team’s best friend as errors are eliminated and they can make better decisions. NetSuite Financial Planning or Adaptive Insights is strategic for companies of all sizes across a variety of industries.


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