As technology continues to improve and business is expected to take place anywhere, the need for business mobility increases. Cloud-based ERP software has the power to integrate all of your business applications onto a single platform that employees can access from anywhere at any time—but how does NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP solution, mobilize the workplace?

Globalize your market by globalizing your sales staff.

The best salesperson will always be someone who can relate to your customer. By hiring local sales staff in each new market you will be better equipped to deal with the customs and expectations of each new market. Supporting off-premise offices used to be a challenge. Now, with the power of cloud ERP software, your salespeople can use the same system to process orders anywhere in the world. Even better, if you or a member of your staff needs to travel, they will still have access to their NetSuite account and can log in from anywhere.

A single version of the truth when you need it.

The last thing you need is to have multiple versions of the same information. As businesses add on applications for different departments, records of “the truth” are harder to come by. NetSuite business management software aligns all business applications and acts as your business’s ecosystem. There will always be a single version of the truth no matter where you are or when you log in. NetSuite ERP provides users with real-time data so that once data is added to the system, everyone with access can see the same, updated real-time information.

Upgrades without distraction.

Because cloud ERP solutions run in the browser, they are not tied to a certain type of device. Employees can bring their own devices if they prefer, and you will not have to concern yourself with the cost of rewriting thousands of lines of code whenever you want to invest in improved computers for those who don’t. Even better, you can provide employees with tablets and smartphones in areas where a traditional desktop would be cumbersome without losing any productivity. One of the added benefits that cloud ERP software brings versus on-premise is that upgrades are done a few times per year and will not cause your IT department any panic. Any custom work that was done will remain in-tact after the software upgrade and users won’t be interrupted by the updating process.



Cloud ERP is a powerful tool for business in almost any sector. The nearly unlimited flexibility allows you to do business on any device, anywhere and anytime you need to. Migrating to a cloud ERP solution allows your business to keep up in the fast-paced world of today.

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