One of the most overused yet underutilized buzzwords is “cloud computing.” It’s being rightfully touted as a solution to a world of problems, expenses, and is a great innovation. You may be thinking that you have already done your share of implementing cloud solutions for your business but it has only just begun. We aren’t talking about optimizing your iCloud or Androids cloud storage. What we are talking about is leveraging your business cloud to improve your day-to-day business tasks and eliminate time-consuming procedures for you and your staff.

Better, Faster, Easier Reporting

One area where cloud-based business management systems really shine is in providing real-time data for easy reporting. A dilemma that many managers or directors often find themselves doing is running different reports, opening different applications and combining various information into one “master” copy—until the next quarter when they have to do it all over again.

Specifically, marketing managers, accountants, and sales managers find themselves experiencing similar difficulties—they need to generate KPI reports or, for simple analysis, they are pulling information from various sources. They might use Salesforce for some analytics, Google for others, and go to accounting to run revenue reports. This process uses time that most employees could spend on more productive tasks.

Cloud ERP systems like NetSuite eliminate the need to hunt and gather relevant business information from various systems. Information is compiled from all relevant business sectors and is easily accessible depending on the role that is set up for you. Plus, it’s in the cloud meaning it is updated in real-time and accessible from anywhere. Next time you run a report, you log in to one system for all your analytics.

Free Up IT

When software is locally hosted, IT staff spends a good deal of time making sure everything is working and secure. Servers are costly devices that require constant monitoring and extensive energy use. Using cloud computing to run your business management solutions, you no longer have to worry about server upkeep and can rest easy knowing professionals are keeping data in a highly secured off-premise area. Free your IT department from mundane work and let them innovate for the better of your company.

Future Users & Functionality

As noted above, cloud ERP systems free up your IT staff to do other equally mission-critical tasks. In other departments, managers hire new employees and have to deal with the on-boarding process. Getting new employees on the business’s various software applications isn’t always easy. Most cloud computing software applications are pay-as-you-go and 100% scalable. Adding more users causes no disruption in productivity and are simple to provision.

The other aspect is the functionality. As you add users and specialized positions, the cloud-based ERP that you implement can be integrated with legacy or proprietary systems, as well as new applications to close the gap in processes.

Say Bye To Software Silos

One area that takes up a lot of time and resources are software updates. With local systems, it can be an absolute nightmare to do all the on-site requirements and upgrades to make sure everyone is on the same version of the software platform. In many cases, software versions will fragment as different offices and business sectors continue working with what they already have because it functions properly. Even with the desire to upgrade, IT availability, integrations, and infrastructure variables can all cause issues. Cloud-based software implementations eliminate these problems to make sure business remains functioning at an ideal level. Upgrading software in the cloud is simple and occurs twice per year.



As you can see, cloud-based business management software brings a wealth of time-saving advantages that directly affect your role. You are most likely using some sort of business software in the cloud but what about the accounting department and sales department? Are all processes aligned or is there double data happening still? Bringing your accounting and finance department into the cloud and aligning accounting with sales could be the best investment.

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