When seeking to grow your business, consistent innovation is essential. Many business owners search for the perfect cloud stack not thinking about the future of their business, but organizations rarely stay the same size. That is why it is essential to search for a scalable, flexible solution that allows employees to consistently innovate and toward business growth. Here are some ways cloud ERP helps unleash innovation and aid business growth:


One area where cloud ERP systems are proving very effective is in collaboration and communication. Bridging communication gaps between departments enables innovation. For example, companies deploying the NetSuite software suite already have their processes optimized and can focus on collaborating with one another to develop products and spend more time innovating.

Speed and Visibility

In simple terms, “cloud” means no infrastructure required—just Internet connectivity. Imagine sitting down at your desk and opening a dashboard customized for your role. This drastically improves efficiency and enables users to see exactly what they should be focused on. Reports use real-time data so decision makers can more easily lead the organization and focus on expanding the core of their business.

Cost Savings

According to CIO.com, “a study found that 88% of cloud users pointed to cost savings” as a direct correlation with increasing profits. CIO.com continues, “60% of respondents said cloud computing had reduced their need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure, giving them more time to focus on strategy and innovation.”

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