netsuite-successInfusionsoft cites 53% growth each year following a NetSuite and Adaptive Insights integration.


“Managers now have access to real-time information about their team’s performance and can make quicker decisions to help them and their teams reach goals. We couldn’t do any of that before without having to dissect financial reports from the accounting team.”
—Kelly Kline, Controller, Infusionsoft

Business Challenge

When you don’t have a real-time, streamlined system in place, you’re forced to make important decisions based on information that may be weeks or months old. Often, you can’t even be sure that the information is completely accurate. As an organization grows, real-time information is a necessity. One business who experienced rapid growth is Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing automation software company.

In an interview, Infusionsoft’s controller, Kelly Kline said, “Prior to the use of Adaptive Insights and NetSuite, management throughout the organization was heavily reliant upon Quickbooks and Excel spreadsheets from the accounting teams.”

The company’s CFO, Sam Blackham, agreed. He said that before transitioning to the cloud, Infusionsoft was very top-heavy and, like many other businesses, used a cobbled-together mix of Excel spreadsheets. The company’s forecasting work literally consisted of him and the CEO “sitting in a room, deciding what the plan would be, and then passing that information down through the organization.”

Solution & Benefits

Infusionsoft worked with 360 Cloud Solutions to implement NetSuite software as well as Adaptive Insights for financial forecasting and reporting. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Since the implementation was completed, Infusionsoft has averaged around 53 percent growth every year. It’s also doubled its workforce each year for the last four years.

Blackham says, “We’ve been able to put the power of that software in front of the actual users to build their own plans that roll up to a consolidated plan at the company level.”

Infusionsoft’s success isn’t unusual. By working with 360 Cloud Solutions—a 5-Star NetSuite partner and a Gold-level Adaptive Insights Solution Provider—Infusionsoft was able to accelerate their ROI and implement a perfectly suited ERP. NetSuite allows them to run all of their back-end business and financial functions in one unified system on the cloud. This means that all relevant users can access the information when they need it, rather than waiting for a report.

With a NetSuite and Adaptive Insights integration, data from those processes can be rolled-up into consolidated reports that are easily accessible and understandable. Managers can then view these reports and other interested parties so they can get the information they need to make sound decisions.



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