Cortland Partners + 360 Cloud Solutions

Cortland Partners is a vertically integrated, multi-family, real estate development and management company. Realizing the need for a comprehensive FP&A solution, they reached out to 360 Cloud Solutions for help.


“360 Cloud Solutions has given us the ability to have live access to our historical and forecasting data without the risk of corruption or formula errors.” —Melanie Johns, Cortland Partners


Business Challenge

Cortland Partners realized the need for new budgeting and forecasting tools and reached out to 360 Cloud Solutions to implement Adaptive Planning. Formerly Adaptive Insights, Adaptive Planning is the leading SaaS CPM tool on the market and has been optimizing the way companies budget and forecast since 2003.


With Workday Adaptive Planning, Cortland Partners was able to streamline its budgeting and forecasting processes creating transparency, collaboration, and accountability. They can now seamlessly integrate actual data from multiple General Ledger sources to create an unlimited number of scenarios including anything from rolling forecasts updated with actuals to date to any desired what-ifs. All scenarios include full financial reporting with P&Ls, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. In addition, metrics automatically generated from the data in Adaptive Insights will provide an analytical view of Cortland Partners’ financial health.

Products & Services
  • Adaptive Planning In-House Integration
  • Adaptive Planning Expense Management
  • Balance Sheet Cash Flow
  • Expense Management


With the implementation of Adaptive Planning, Cortland Partners is able to:

  • Create driver-based, enterprise annual budgets in an efficient, repeatable manner
  • Create unlimited forecasts and what-if scenarios based on actuals, budgets, and assumptions
  • Maintain unlimited assumptions to drive budgets and forecasts
  • Pull actual financial data from any GL system using fully automated integration, as often as desired
  • Combine actuals with budget or forecast data to create rolling forecasts with a few mouse clicks
  • Model granular details for budget and forecast elements like Personnel and Revenue
  • Create unlimited metric calculations related to the actual, budget, and forecast data

The above Adaptive Planning functional capabilities provide Cortland Partners the ability to:

  • Efficiently create and maintain budgets and forecasts
  • Automate the integration of actual financial data into budgets and forecasts
  • Streamline the reporting of actual financial data as well as budget and forecast data
  • Automate the generation of metrics to better analyze business results
  • Focus on the insight the numbers provide rather than the process of putting the numbers together
  • Significantly automate any reoccurring board or executive financial presentation package


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