Hard Dollar is a leading provider of project cost management software to construction, utility, engineering, and industrial firms. After making the switch to NetSuite from Intacct and Salesforce, the company realized enough cost savings to lead to a positive ROI in just 12 months. Hard Dollar was able to take complete control over its sales process and support a 278% year-over-year profit growth.

Here’s more about Hard Dollar’s NetSuite success story.


Hard Dollar was growing quickly and expanding internationally. Along with a new channel sales program, accessing and analyzing data was becoming more difficult. The company had a hard time tracking leads through the sales funnel because its multiple enterprise systems didn’t integrate smoothly.

Other issues caused by the multiple systems included delayed support times as a result of the inability to track customers and correlate issues, as well as the inability to track marketing ROI and effectiveness. Meanwhile, Hard Dollar’s salesforce was unable to place sales orders and billing was unhinged from the sales process leading to an increase of time from sale to cash. All of these problems were caused by running multiple, disparate systems.


The company discontinued Intacct and Salesforce and instead integrated SFA, marketing, financial, and channel management through NetSuite. This gave the company complete sales funnel visibility, improved sales cycle efficiency, and detailed reports and trends because all data was now consolidated into one system. The sales team finally had access to relevant financial data in real-time like customer lifetime value; the financial teams had visibility to the very same data as did executive management. Executive management also gained visibility into business management metrics within a single reporting platform.


Hard Dollar lowered its administrative costs by 20%, achieved positive ROI in just 12 months due largely to cost savings, and slashed proposal generation times over 80%. The company was better able to manage the new channel sales program with a unified quotation and pricing system. It saw greater control over its sales process and increased the average deal size. NetSuite analytics also provided easy visibility of all corporate activity.


“NetSuite breaks things down within the quote, item level, and transactional level. Charts, graphs and trending are all built into NetSuite—everything from opportunity growth, key indicators, and key metric trends—I can see everything. We couldn’t get that level of detail from Salesforce.com.”

“From an accounting perspective, it is so refreshing to see all the detail in the reports from NetSuite—the transactional searches are extremely detailed and rich.”


NetSuite’s advanced integration capabilities, transparency through all corporate activity, and detailed organization make it the best solution for quickly growing companies.




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