Business culture is shifting towards a unified and collective approach to day-to-day concerns rather than a fixed hierarchy. In the old days, each department handled its own duties and was largely unconcerned with different aspects of the business. We can all relate to the times when if you weren’t in the office, you couldn’t take care of any business emergencies unless you were sitting at your desk and on the computer assigned to you.

Jump forward to the present day, business flow is quick and hopefully more mobile, but are departments aligned? Do you have visibility throughout the entire organization? More often than not, organizations have implemented cloud-based software solutions but they are not unified.

Technology such as NetSuite is helping departments communicate and share information quickly, accurately, in real-time, and from anywhere. Say hello to a unified workforce! Here are four specific ways that NetSuite will unify your business.

Cloud System Growth

With the business world becoming increasingly global, it’s more important than ever to have real-time data flowing through your systems. This is just one reason that on-prem business management systems are being replaced by their cloud-based counterparts. NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP solution, allows for dynamic updating of accounts across the organization. Once an update is made, the accounting department is aware, sales are updated, the warehouse has updated orders and business carries on as normal.

Software Unification

Disparate software solutions will cause headaches not only for data entry personnel but the IT department and upper-level management as well. Un-aligned business applications make it very difficult for upper-level management to make decisions on the fly and almost impossible to maintain an agile business. NetSuite will unify departmental information and there will always only a single version of the truth. The finance manager’s job will be more efficient and effective as they can generate financial reports in real-time, giving management the ability to make informed decisions.

Platform Mobility

A company that stores mission-critical data in a centralized location is one that is slow to adopt technology necessary for business growth and unity. By not using a mobile software application platform it is likely that your company will feel the effects of off-site employees, traveling employees, and on-the-go executives. By using NetSuite, data is not the only thing that is mobile. The software platform itself can run on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Catering to the mobile workforce is a win-win—employees can access work from anywhere and business is seamless. You want a software platform that is accessible no matter where or how the user is accessing their work.

Working Together

As companies expand both in size and geography, it’s easy to lose touch of day-to-day operations and processes. With NetSuite ERP, data and information are unified, current, accessible in real-time from anywhere. This means situations where sales are lost or supply chains constrained due to lack of information will no longer be an issue. Plus, NetSuite is multilingual and international with support for 20 languages and over 190 currencies.

A solution to one of the most common problems that upper-management has—lack of interdepartmental communication—is implementing NetSuite. We all know that reporting is very important for any department and having the right software to make relevant reports is critical. NetSuite ERP helps growing businesses unify supply chain, financials, e-commerce, CRM data, and more in real time.


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