360 Subscription Billing for NetSuite | 360 Cloud Solutions360 Cloud Solutions, a top NetSuite Solution Provider, announced new features and functionality enhancements have been made to the Built for NetSuite product, 360 Subscription Billing (previously 360 Contract Billing). This is a major release in that it includes support for native NetSuite pricing tiers. The features in this release are designed to further help companies manage contract renewals and subscriptions for improving operational efficiency. The enhancements announced today make 360 Contract Billing a perfect fit for NetSuite users looking for recurring billing management.

“Our users highly influence the features we add to the bundle and we’re excited about what’s in the 2016.3 release,” stated 360 Cloud Solutions CEO, Rufus Lohmueller.

This Built for NetSuite Native SuiteApp is a built-on-platform, subscription and renewal billing management solution used by many NetSuite customers. Many use this bundle because it is on-platform and has the same look and feel as native NetSuite. Today’s announcement of 360 Subscription Billing 2016.3 includes the following major features:

Support for Native NetSuite Pricing

With this release, native NetSuite pricing, including price levels, customer-based pricing, and quantity-based pricing, is now supported when working with contract items.

Support for Multiple Currencies

360 Subscription Billing now supports companies who have the NetSuite Multiple Currencies feature enabled. Throughout the entire contract lifecycle, including billing and payment creation, contract credits, and contract line adjustments, you can manage and bill contracts with different currencies than your own. This feature enables users to further manage billing on a global level.

Enhanced Renewal Flexibility

Greater flexibility is provided in configuring the renewal transaction line’s attributes such as rate, term in months, billing frequency, and end-of-term actions if they differ from those on the contract line.



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