Businesses that provide services know Professional Service Automation (PSA) can help with project delivery, enhanced management of resources, and reduced maintenance costs. Choosing a provider that can address all of these needs is crucial to streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity from staff while saving money. Flexibility is key when choosing a PSA because functions of the software need to adapt to business growth and constantly changing needs.

Cloud-based PSA solutions offer a wide variety of benefits to professional service industries. Three core benefits include project delivery, resource management and reduction in maintenance costs.

Project Delivery

24/7 access to all details of a project allows critical business decisions to be made from anywhere, at any time. Projects can be maintained, collaborated on, and delivered on time with greater efficiency. Potential issues can be resolved quickly due to the visibility and control given through cloud-based PSA solutions.

Resource Management

Cloud-based PSA solutions like NetSuite increase resource utilization by ensuring the right resources are being used to provide services to the right projects. Improved use of resources leads to better bill utilization, retention of top talent and client base, and optimization of profits.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Due to lack of hardware, the cost to maintain the system is greatly reduced which means resources can be used elsewhere. The ability to adapt and customize for each particular business provides one well rounded cost-efficient solution.


PSA solutions, like those provided by NetSuite, lead to greater efficiency for professional service providers. Real-time access to metrics that matter in decision-making processes is a benefit to any business. NetSuite offers increased project, resource, and expense management as well as provide better control over business operations by streamlining workflows.

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