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AP & Payment Automation for NetSuite

AvidXchange makes payment automation within NetSuite easy by streamlining the entire accounts payable process from invoice through vendor payment. With one platform users can log in from anywhere at any time to access all their invoice and payment data.

AP & Payment Automation

With AvidXchange, you can slash the time you spend on invoice approvals and payments by 60% or more.

AP & Payment Automation

This cloud-based, fully integrated AP and Payment Automation solution for NetSuite eliminates your need for manual data entry and all of the headaches that come along with it.

AvidXchange for NetSuite

NetSuite remains your company's system of record.

AvidXchange for NetSuite

AvidXchange is a built-for-NetSuite certified SuiteApp so you can continue working in the system you know best.

Approval Workflows

With AvidPay by AvidXchange you can pay vendors electronically while maintaining all of your banking relationships and approval workflows.

Approval Workflows

AvidPay is fully integrated into NetSuite saving you time, money, and further increases visibility into payment status and approvals.

Key Benefits:

  • No more filing cabinets
  • No more manual data entry into your accounting system
  • No more waiting for invoices to be approved
  • No more stacks of paper checks to sign
  • No more wasting time answering vendor’s questions about payment status

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