Report, manage and automate recurring billing with the 360 Contract Billing SuiteApp.

360 Cloud Solutions developed 360 Contract Billing for organizations currently managing contracts or looking to implement a recurring-billing business model. Unlike other recurring invoicing management solutions, this SuiteApp is a Built for NetSuite Certified billing solution, built-on the NetSuite Platform… this means that the need for a third party bolt-on solution is eliminated.

Since 2007, NetSuite users have been relying on this module to manage contracts and subscriptions within NetSuite. Because 360 Contract Billing was developed on-platform, it eliminates the need for a third party bolt-on solution. The 360 Contract Billing SuiteApp delivers a simple, reliable solution for automating the management of contracts, renewals, up-sells and more!

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Product Features

  • Fully supports native NetSuite Credit Card processing and ACH payments.
  • Support for AvidXchange (formerly Piracle) ACH Payments

  • Accommodates differing end-dates & billing frequencies on a single contract
  • Coterminous end dates
  • Payment proration
  • Automate renewals, rollovers, perpetual and termination of a contract
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Usage based billing
  • Visibility into MRR and other key metrics
  • Works seamlessly with native NetSuite functionality such as Revenue Recognition
  • Built on NetSuite’s platform, no 3rd party integrations needed
  • Quick implementation
  • Accurate invoicing

  • Faster lead-to-cash

  • Fulfillment-driven Contract Billing Terms

  • Sites and devices support for companies with IoT or hardware offerings

How 360 Contract Billing is Different

  • Sites & Devices Support
    Sites and Devices functionality allows you to specify locations for a customer and/or device numbers for equipment or licenses typically associated with a recurring charge—making tracking for billing, support, or warranty claims easier than ever.

  • Flexible Billing Frequencies and Terms
    Support differing contract start dates, billing dates/frequencies, and end dates for your products or services on the contract. 360CB will also automatically co-term for you when desired.

  • Automated Revenue Sync
    Whether you use legacy Revenue Recognition or Advanced Revenue Management, 360CB has native support and plug-ins to automatically synchronize with deferred revenue.

  • Business Intelligence Metrics
    Provide business intelligence metrics like MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and others that you can configure.

  • Change Management Tools
    Change tools for temporary adjustments and ongoing change orders from Opportunity to Cash.


  • High Volume Invoice & Payment Processing
    Invoicing & processing payments on the same day each billing period can take a long time! With
    SuiteScript 2.0, 360CB uses multiple queues to speed things up exponentially and can process over 300,000 records in a single execution.

  • Auto-Email Many Designated Contacts
    Designate which customer contacts should receive recurring invoices and 360CB does the rest!

  • Fulfillment-driven Contract Billing Terms
    Integrated with NetSuite item fulfillments, 360CB automatically sets the contract term so that billing occurs when enablement/fulfillment in the field.