Black Friday Peak

The 360 team continues to be a valuable partner for ThinkGeek. Operating as an extension of our technology team, they understand the tremendous focus we place on our Q4 business and optimizing our systems for the peak holiday load. This past year we collectively identified a performance bottleneck in one of the scheduled scripts that is critical to our order flow. The development team at 360 diagnosed the issue and proposed a fairly quick design change that not only alleviated the issue, but also improved the overall performance and increased the scalability of this single process.
Steve Weiskircher, CIO, ThinkGeek

Client Success Story

netsuite-successSince 1999, ThinkGeek has been on a mission to create a world where everyone can embrace their inner geek and connect with one another. What started as a place for clever t-shirts and unusual gifts is now a hub for finding wondrous goods that express all your passions – much of which you won’t find anywhere else on Earth (or any other planet). ThinkGeek sells a broad array of survival gear and collectibles via and a growing number of ThinkGeek retail stores. Many of their one-of-a-kind offerings are invented and developed by their internal GeekLabs team. This includes exclusive product from licensors like Star Wars, Marvel, and Minecraft.

Business Challenge

ThinkGeek experiences very heavy flows of data between NetSuite and their external shipping partner during the traditional holiday selling season beginning Black Friday/Cyber Monday each year. This increase in volume causes their NetSuite ERP and Order Management platform to push tens of thousands of orders to the external shipping partner. During the previous holiday period this heavy flow of data created a choke point, which caused the NetSuite SuiteScripts to run into governance issues and required nearly all available script queues to support the order volume. These scripts occasionally timed out, requiring continuous monitoring, manual restarts, and parallelization. This in turn created unnecessary effort and stress for the ThinkGeek team to support the holiday operations.

The 360 Solution

Once the issue was identified, 360 Cloud Solutions designed, developed, tested, and activated a new approach to ThinkGeek’s prior SuiteScript architecture on a rapid-release timetable. The solution moved ThinkGeek’s Order Export from a Scheduled Script to a UserEvent Script. Upon release, NetSuite and the new 360 Cloud Solutions-developed scripts performed flawlessly. 

Client Benefits

This solution increased ThinkGeek’s productivity 10-fold. The new scripts that were built reduced usage of separate script queues from 12 to one and prevented the need for monitoring, rescheduling, and restarting delayed scripts. ThinkGeek’s CIO was grateful to see the outcome as the integration was able to sustain the Black Friday and Cyber Monday peaks without any issues. NetSuite kept up with the peak transaction volume and their employees were able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without having to work overtime to monitor or manually restart scripts.

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