360 Contract Billing Leveraging SuiteCloud Multi-Queues

The new multi-queue billing feature increased Infusionsoft’s billing capacity by 3X. The reduced processing time and increased capacity allows the business to have more time to focus on analysis and strategy.
Courtney Awe, Business Analyst Infusionsoft, Infusionsoft

Client Success Story


Infusionsoft is a private company based in Chandler, Arizona that offers an e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses. Their product offering includes tools to streamline the customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and eCommerce.

Business Challenge

Infusionsoft was using a custom version of the 360 Contract Billing Product in a single script queue within their SuiteCloud instance. Due to their significant month over month growth, Infusionsoft was experiencing long processing times for their daily customer billing and payments. The processing times became so protracted that it impacted the next day’s ability to process payments. The long processing times required human intervention to monitor the billing process which delayed their processes. The manual billing process adversely impacted the monthly accounting close, timely financial reporting, and prudent cash management.

The 360 Solution

360 Cloud Solutions modified the current single queue scripting to leverage the five queues available within the SuiteCloud feature.

Client Benefits

With billing scripting moving from a single script queue to five parallel queues, pain points reduced, billing processing time was materially shortened and reliability was improved.

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Created 5 Parallel NetSuite Queues
NetSuite SuiteCloud
Improved Reliability
Enhanced Billing Process

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