In a start-up business, there are many things that come up and it is unclear as to whose responsibility it is, so you are looking for the type of partnership you would have with fellow employees. 360 Cloud Solutions has always done exceptionally well with engaging ‘outside the box’ and helping CHEFS get answers.

Craig Schroeder, CFO, Chef's Catalog

Client Success Story


CHEFS Catalog is your number one destination for top-quality, durable and high-performance kitchen equipment you need to create everyday meals to gourmet feasts. In November 2016, David Sabin acquired the Chefs Catalog brand with a small group of investors and began a relaunch. They have consistently reached CHEFS of all skill levels, from cooking enthusiasts to professional Chefs.

Business Challenge

After outgrowing the commerce and account capabilities of their current systems, CHEFS Catalog realized a change needed to be made. They sought the robust capabilities of NetSuite Solution Provider, 360 Cloud Solutions, not only for the products offered but also the vast expertise of their internal team.

Solution Implemented

CHEFS Catalog engaged 360 Cloud Solutions to implement NetSuite and help coordinate efforts with other their primary implementation partners: Forix Digital (responsible for Magento integration), SPS Commerce, Avalara, and Celigo.CHEFS Catalog is investing in their systems to ensure proper scaling of their business making it efficient and seamless. With the implementation of NetSuite ERP and CRM as well as Avalara tax calculation software, they are able to process thousands of B2C sales per day, not weeks as before. Customizations can be made seamlessly due to the swift and robust responsiveness of the 360 Cloud Solutions team.

CHEFS Catalog went live with NetSuite and in November 2017 and with real-time, unified inventory and order data, it can see top-selling SKUs, as well as pinpoint what sales channel those orders are coming through and adjust resources for superior customer service.


These implementations will allow CHEFS Catalog to:

  • Effective engagement and coordination among implementation partners
  • Efficient process for receiving and processing retail consumer direct orders where vendors deliver product directly to customers based on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions
  • Processes that support a ramp up to several hundred vendors, $20 million in sales and 20,000+ orders annually
  • Fully integrated web store that is informed by NetSuite data and achieves
  • The management of vendor relationships and content
  • Accuracy of available inventory and product pricing
  • Timely and accurate order capture and fulfillment    
  • Customer-friendly cancellation and return process
  • Ability to quickly and easily gather metrics and reporting for forecasting, accounting and measuring growth


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NetSuite Workflows
Integrate Avalara and NetSuite
Payroll Tax Visibility

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