It’s always good to know that you have a go-to vendor that always follows through… a vendor that you can depend on.

Jon Bohnert, Infusionsoft

Client Success Story

Symmetry Software made its name by simplifying the payroll process with dependable and accurate payroll tax solutions. Symmetry creates specialty software focusing on payroll withholding taxes that help large employers and services providers pay people with precision.

Business Challenge

Symmetry’s customer information was not easily accessible and the configuration did not support their strategic business objectives. In particular they were facing:

  • A growing number of loosely integrated applications creating a reporting bottleneck.
  • Content repositories not designed for the secure/compliant needs of an enterprise.
  • A struggle to their customers access to relevant information in a simple, low-cost manner.

360 Cloud Solutions was introduced to Symmetry Software in 2010. To understand their goals, objectives and how they interact with customers, the 360 team interviewed Symmetry and its employees. In particular, the 360 team interviewed Jon Bohnert, President and Michael Niestedt, product Manager. Over the last four years the relationship evolved from once tasked with re-implementing NetSuite to that of a strategic business partner. Symmetry depends on 360 Cloud Solutions to understand its goals and translate those goals into effective business applications within NetSuite’s platform.

The 360 Solution

The team aligned Symmetry’s re-implementation of NetSuite to more closely reflect their strategic goals by uncovering current processes, customer and vendor interactions and organizational workflows. After the re-launch, Symmetry continued to rely on 360 Cloud Solutions to provide guidance as their business and relationships evolved. 360 Cloud Solutions developed an integration to automate issue management between Version One and NetSuite. 360 Cloud Solutions also provided Symmetry Software customers visibility into payroll tax changes in real-time.

Client Benefits

With the work that was done to re-implement NetSuite to fit Symmetry Software’s business, as well as provide customers the visibility they needed for payroll tax changes, Symmetry was able to open a new revenue channel through development and workflows.

Skills & Accomplishments

NetSuite Re-Implementation
NetSuite Optimization
NetSuite Workflows
Integrate Version One and NetSuite
Payroll Tax Visibility

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