Signs you’re
outgrowing Excel

More often than not, Excel is the go-to tool of choice for finance teams. But when you rely on workarounds and spend too much time manually manipulating data, or fighting with version control, it might be time to consider an automated, scalable, and integrated solution like Workday Adaptive Planning.

Inefficient Workarounds

No real-time integrations with GL, payroll, ERP, and other systems leave you overrun with manual maintenance of static spreadsheets.

Disparate Systems

Excel provides a historical snapshot of the numbers at a single point in time, meaning you’re spending your time digging for data instead of working on strategy.

Limited Scalability

Excel lacks the ability to easily model dynamic variables in a changing, growing company and the impact on departmental budgets, P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow.

From basic budgeting to complete business modeling —
see the difference between Excel and Workday Adaptive Planning


Feature Comparison Excel Workday Adaptive Planning
Cloud-Based Limited
Multi-Dimensional Difficult
Rolling Forecast Difficult
Drill-Down Capabilities
Automated Integrations
Scalability Limited
Automatic Version Control

What you need, when you need it.

Comprehensive budgeting, planning, and forecasting in an intuitive Excel-like web application, as well as a pure Excel interface for those who prefer it for reporting and report distribution. Collaboratively plan and forecast revenue, expenses, and headcount, and create rolling forecasts with a powerful modeling engine and data that are comprehensive, relevant, and fresh.


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