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Mobile Barcode Solution for NetSuite

This Built-For-NetSuite Certified system is the leader in mobile data collection solutions for distribution, manufacturing, retail, and eCommerce. As an industry expert, RF-SMART has developed an easy to use barcode scanner for NetSuite. Businesses that are managing inventory use RF-SMART to support the movement, management, manufacturing, and fulfillment of inventory in real-time. In just over 20 years, RF-SMART has become the choice for more than 600 warehouse/distribution and manufacturing companies around the world.

Inventory Management

RF-SMART Inventory Management for NetSuite enables barcode scanning to provide visibility into product locations, movement, and related employee activities.

Inventory Management

This barcoding solution contains components for purchase order receiving, sales order picking, counting, and item look up. Managers using RF-SMART for inventory management can quickly identify any discrepancies and improve customer satisfaction.

Packing & Shipping Utility

RF-SMART'S Packing Station provides the right tools to maximize order and shipping accuracy all within NetSuite.

Packing & Shipping Utility

RF-SMART’S Packing Station validates that correct items and quantities are being scanned into boxes and displays which items were packed in those boxes. Reduce the number of steps for packing and shipping with one screen and see reports on packer/shipper activities.

Advance Inventory Management Using NetSuite Bins

Order fulfillment is made easier through tighter inventory control.

Advance Inventory Management Using NetSuite Bins

RF-SMART’S WMS Lite package and NetSuite bins offer a more detailed view of inventory making it fast and easy to execute processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Built in NetSuite
  • Granular views of inventory
  • Improve inventory movement, management, and fulfillment processes
  • Greater gains in warehouse performance
  • Visibility into order packer/shipper activity
  • Supports NetSuite Scale integration
  • PackingPlus bundle functionality for shipping UPS, FedEx, and USPS using Native NetSuite shipping
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Ready to improve inventory accuracy?

As a top NetSuite Solution Provider we help our clients successfully integrate NetSuite with the services that help their business succeed. As a partner of RF-SMART, 360 Cloud Solutions can help you integrate their innovative barcode solution and improve your inventory accuracy.
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