360 Contract Billing

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Report, manage and automate recurring billing and revenue synchronization with the 360 Contract Billing SuiteApp.

Subscription Management in NetSuite is made simple with 360 Contract Billing. Unlike competitor products, 360 Contract Billing is developed on NetSuite’s platform – eliminating the need for a third party integration. Reduce the human intervention required to manage contracts and renewals for your recurring  subscription and maintenance offerings! Our product not only automates your recurring invoices, electronic payments, and renewals – but also provides your team with SOX-compliant contract management tools for processing temporary adjustments (promotions, escalations, etc), recurring changes (upsells, downsells, etc), usage charges, automatic synchronization with Revenue, and more!

Unlike traditional billing systems, 360 Contract Billing can adapt to support many diverse customer contract scenarios – allowing your business to acquire new customers without limiting them to only what your contract management solution can handle.

Automate your recurring invoices, payments, revenue synchronization, and renewals!

How 360 Contract Billing is Different

  • Flexible Billing Frequencies and Terms
    Support differing contract start dates, billing dates/frequencies, and end dates for your products or services on the contract. 360CB will also automatically co-term for you when desired.

  • Automated Revenue Sync
    Whether you use legacy Revenue Recognition or Advanced Revenue Management, 360CB has native support and plugins to automatically synchronize with deferred revenue.
  • Change Management Tools
    Change tools for temporary adjustments and ongoing change orders from Opportunity to Cash.

  • High Volume Invoice & Payment Processing
    Invoicing & processing payments on the same day each billing period can take a long time! With
    SuiteScript 2.0, 360CB uses multiple queues to speed things up exponentially and can process over 300,000 records in a single execution.

  • Auto-Email Many Designated Contacts
    Designate which customer contacts should receive recurring invoices and 360CB does the rest!

  • Fulfillment-driven Contract Billing Terms
    Integrated with NetSuite item fulfillments, 360CB automatically sets the contract term so that billing occurs when enablement/fulfillment in the field.

  • Business Intelligence Metrics
    Provide business intelligence metrics like MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and others that you can configure.

Product Features

  • Utilizes Advanced Revenue Management Plugin to align Revenue with Billing for ASC606 Compliance

  • Fully supports native NetSuite Credit Card processing and ACH payments.
  • Support for AvidXchange (formerly Piracle) ACH Payments

  • Accommodates differing end-dates & billing frequencies on a single contract
  • Coterminous end dates
  • Payment proration
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Automate renewals, rollovers, perpetual and termination of a contract

  • Usage based billing
  • Visibility into MRR and other key metrics
  • Works seamlessly with native NetSuite functionality such as Advanced Revenue Management, Advanced Shipping/Fulfillment, SuitePayments, and more!

  • Built on NetSuite’s platform, no 3rd party integrations needed
  • Quick implementation