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The most valuable asset of a business is arguably its content, documents, contracts, drawings and marketing materials. Employees create, send and share these valuable documents to simplify communication and expediently share knowledge. Surprisingly, most organizations employ insecure and disparate on-premise servers, FTP, SharePoint and a combination of file servers that expose an organization to risk and limit mobility.

Organizations consolidate their documents on Box for enterprise content management and collaboration.



Key Take-Aways:

  • Deploy in days
  • Secure file transfer software
  • Enterprise content management software
  • Control access and security through simple administration
  • Gain visibility to document level access stats and reports
  • Customize access type: editor, viewer, downloader, uploader
  • Access via iPhone, Android and iPad
  • Manage versions and edit history
  • Simple integration to 3rd party apps and platforms
  • Deploy a controlled enterprise file sharing environment
  • Secure FTP Replacement Software
  • Alternative to Microsoft SharePoint

Integrating Box

An enterprise file sharing strategy requires access to integration and development tools.  Our integration and API development expertise enables organizations to access and utilize Box across your cloud ecosystem.  360 can help integrate Box with:

Workflow And Mobile Development On Box

Box content content collaboration platform serves not only as a central repository of documents and content but an automation platform.  Providing centralized file access and secure file sharing is surely a portion of the equation.  Applications can be designed directly on the Box development platform to address mobile access, sales portals, customer portals and interactive workflow while interacting with workflows in ERP and CRM systems. 

360’s development team is versed in platform development addressing use cases from sales and marketing to IT and accounting.   Enterprise content management allows business to centralize, utilize and control its content library whenever and wherever employees may roam.


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