What is Adaptive Insights?

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Adaptive Insights is the #1 SAAS business forecasting software solution for corporate budgeting, forecasting, reporting, dashboards, and analysis.  It is the only Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solution that is Easy, Powerful, and Fast.  With over 3500 current corporate customers of all sizes, Adaptive Insights is a scalable solution.  It provides tremendous value and insight to companies seeking to understand what their financials (actual and forecast) are telling them about their business.  Adaptive Insights empowers the finance organization to play a strategic role in driving corporate performance by making appropriate, informed adjustments and then monitoring and analyzing the results.

NetSuite + Adaptive Insights = Better Together

NetSuite and Adaptive Insights are seamlessly integrated providing Finance and Accounting Professionals with a single source of truth!  With a single sign-on from within NetSuite, users can see their rolling financial forecast updated with the latest actual financials and drill into the transactional detail to answer any questions from within one integrated system.

Our team of experts at 360 Cloud Solutions can assist your company with the purchase, implementation, integration (with other products), or fine tuning of your Adaptive Insights system.  We have individuals with over 30 years of personal experience in FP&A, who have been Implementing and consulting on Adaptive Insights since 2005.  We meet your needs and can fully implement, consult, tune, train, or just be your SME related to Adaptive Insights.

Dashboards and Analysis

Interactive dashboard and Business Intelligence

Dashboards and Analysis

Adaptive Insights includes a self-service, interactive dashboard and Business Intelligence tool called Discovery. Discovery uses visualizations to tell your complete financial and operational story while allowing you to drill into the graphics to analyze specific data.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Easy to use tool to make faster, better-informed business decisions.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Adaptive Insights helps finance professionals deliver more complete and frequent forecasts, including rolling forecasts for better company-wide alignment.

Financial Reporting

Easily generate accurate and up-to-date reports for sharing.

Financial Reporting

Easy drag-and-drop report builder puts powerful yet easy-to-use web-based reporting into the hands of finance and business managers. Real-time reporting with up-to-date information.

Integration with your Data Sources

User-friendly integration tool

Integration with your Data Sources

Adaptive Insights has a user-friendly integration tool that can be set to schedule the pull of data from other source systems for HR, CRM, non-financial metrics, or any other data you wish to incorporate into your budget, forecast, reports, or dashboards


  • Reduce cycle time and cost

  • Drive better, fact-based decisions

  • Provide easy-to-understand data

  • Fully integrated financial statements and driver-based financial models

  • Allocation manager

  • Multi-source system consolidation support

  • NetSuite OneWorld support

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